Student Information


Milestones offer a range of support services to ensure your experience is enjoyable. Our friendly staff can help you with many challenges you might face when you first arrive in Australia. We understand that your first experience of living in a foreign country can be difficult, so we offer advice on many issues such as:


Milestones offers a range of options for you to choose. Most popular choices for accommodation include:

  • Homestay
  • Student Residence
  • Shared Accommodation
    All our accommodation services are vetted for quality including safety and comfort so you can be assured of a pleasant stay.


Job support

We understand that finding work in a new country can be challenging. Milestones offer a dedicated Job Club every week. The support provided includes:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Interview Preparation
  • Common workplace issues
  • Finding and using the right platforms to look for work
  • Workplace laws in Australia


Everyday Life

Our team can assist you in day to day activities and being organised. Such as:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Setting up a mobile phone
  • Getting Internet connections
  • Using Public Transport


Welfare Services

Milestones offers to assist our students with welfare needs. Our student services team can help you in:

  • Dealing with homesickness
  • Personal Counselling
  • Referrals to external support providers

Milestones Support Services

Milestones Support Services is an initiative designed to inspire people to progress by providing premium services and guidance from the first step of their journey in Australia onwards. The program is specifically designed to help students plan for their future and will see them progress through various stages including counselling, development, coaching and further study sessions providing an opportunity for them to try out options and network with like-minded individuals. While the student is experiencing and meeting new challenges during their journey, the My Milestones Program will align itself with the students’ needs and design strategies and guidance to enhance their journey under our campaign #HereforChange

Excursions and Events

There are a variety of events and activities organized by the Milestones team for all of our students to keep them entertained during, and after, study hours. Day trips to our famous beaches, visits to beautiful galleries and popular landmarks, sports events and more. At Milestones we want to make your journey an amazing and memorable experience.

Language and Culture Immersion Program

Milestones’ Language and Culture Immersion program has been designed for groups of students who are looking to improve their English skills while also having the opportunity to visit Melbourne and experience its cultural landmarks. Milestones offers a customised Language and Culture Immersion program tailored to the students age group, educational needs, and requests; including activities and excursions around Melbourne. To request a Language and Culture Immersion itinerary and quotation, please contact us directly.

Social Activities and Free Classes

At Milestones the students’ learning experience goes beyond the classroom. We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities to encourage the right balance between studies and social activities.

Our social activities calendar follows the best events in town and includes many whole school activities so students can mingle between the different classes

Milestones provides free classes for students 4 times a week from Tuesdays to Fridays. You have the option to choose from a range of classes, such as:

  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Expand your Vocab
  • Writing Workshops
  • Cinema Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Job Club