Life In Melbourne

There are so many reasons to love living in Melbourne!

The city is vibrant and full of life with many amazing cafes, restaurants and bars on every corner. Melbourne is particularly well-known as Australia’s live music capital, with gigs happening across many different music venues and genres every night! Get lost in Melbourne’s graffiti streaked laneways filled with secret places to discover.

Melbourne has a rich multicultural atmosphere. You can enjoy Chinatown; filled with many places to try delicious dumplings! Or instead, try souvlaki in the Greek precinct. From the best Vietnamese Pho in Footscray to the perfect Italian pizza and gelato on Lygon street – Melbourne has fantastic tastes from all around the world.

Melbourne Cafes

Enjoy sport? Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most famous sporting events including the Australian Open and F1 Grand Prix. Not to mention it is the capital of the Australian Football League, with our MCG stadium able to seat 100,000 people!

The city is fast-paced, but still filled with beautiful green parks across the CBD where people enjoy spending their lunch break, soaking up the sun. The further out of the city you go, the more breath-taking nature you will encounter. Head to the beach to check out St. Kilda Bay and Mornington Peninsula, famous for its hot springs and fairy penguins! Experience travelling along the famous Great Ocean Road, home to some of the best surf beaches in the world as well as the Otway Ranges where you can find waterfalls and native wildlife.

Melbourne Park

Melbourne has something for everyone, come and see for yourself!

  • Multicultural, Welcoming Environment
  • Creative, Exciting City Centre
  • Delicious Restaurants, Cafes and Bistros
  • Gateway to Natural Springs, Peninsulas, Spectacular Coastline and Alpine Villages
  • Breakfast Spots, Rooftop Bars and Music Venues
  • Museums, Theatres and Galleries
  • Experience Four Seasons Throughout the Year
Melbourne Galley

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