Gaining employment in a post COVID-19 world.

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For years now changing technologies and new ways of working have formed a way of disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to upskill into their future. Let’s be honest 2020 was not what we expected. Unfortunately, we can’t get time refunded. What we can do is resurrect ourselves as more favourable to employer in a post COVID-19 world.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australia’s unemployment rate peaked at 7.5% during the pandemic. Businesses around the world have had to adapt finding new ways to trade and using the work from home principle. Employers are having smaller budgets and a need to be more efficient in the way they operate. Which means gaining employment is going to be harder in a post
pandemic world. This means your employability skills and knowledge needs to be advanced to get ahead of the job market. Otherwise, you will end up on mute just like your last zoom meeting.

The coronavirus pandemic has made the question of getting ahead in the job market more urgent. Job seekers across all industries must figure out how they can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.Whilst employers are having to learn how to match those workers to new roles and activities. This is where the adoption of upskilling your skills and knowledge is going to play a key role in getting ahead of the pack. Upskilling is the adaption of you learning new skills and knowledge, making you more employable.

No matter if you are an international student, a job seeker or currently employed your next job will be more important to have adapted your employability skills. This is the perfect time to be future-proofing your skill sets for the new world being adapted around the globe. A great place to start is by Vocational Training. Vocational Training courses are adapted to specific roles and industry. By upskilling through a vocational education course, it prepares you for employment through technical skills and knowledge with employability skills throughout your training.

Vocational training is uniquely positioned to provide practical hands-on training; that uses tangible skills for your next career path. This prepares you for the workforce through its job ready ability over university studies which are considered academic courses. Academic courses require you to be less hands on and use research and logical reasoning to grow your knowledge. Vocational training is more efficient in upskilling you through shorter more specific programs. This allows you to be job ready in a shorter time frame compared to academic education. This means you can upskill and could stand out from other candidates in the job market quicker.

Many vocational training programs get you job ready through a range of standards specific to the job roles you are seeking. Positioning yourself at the front of the next job role is only going to help you. ASQA the national training regulator ensures your next training course will assist you in being more employable by enforcing training includes the following employability skills:

  • Skills and knowledge relevant to your industry: this provides you with the know-how to
    complete job tasks and needs of your chosen profession and industry.
  • Communication skills: which includes the adoption of reading, writing, oral and numeracy
    skills required of the industry
  • Technology skills: provides you with the ability to use technology specific to your industry
    the evolving world of emerging technology specific to job roles.
  • Learning skills: teaching you the adaption of identifying and using reliable sources of
    information to keep you informed in your job role
  • Problem solving skills: to help you monitor and identify innovative solutions when things do
    not go to plan.
  • Teamwork skills: the ability to work within team environments, direct and share responsibilities within company culture and practices.
  • Initiative and enterprise skills: Promote and change to improved workplace practices
  • Planning and organisation skills: showing you how to prepare and co-ordinate workplace-based activities of the job roles
  • Self-Management skills: perform at professional levels of your job role whilst staying within organisational procedures.

Employability skills is about ensuring you are employable. Employers in the post pandemic world are going to rely on employing people who best meet the needs of the job. Which is why these skill sets are important in ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Milestones College would love to see you put your best foot forward for your next job opportunity. Now would be a great opportunity to discuss with us your employability moving forward. We would love to help you change your world through the skills and knowledge you require for your next job role.