First time studying in a while?

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Working and studying can become very overwhelming at times but there are things you can do to ease this burden. Finding the right balance can be a challenge however with some simple steps you may find it’s not as hard as it sounds. We all want to better ourselves through study but we also need to have money coming in. Here are some tips on relieving the pressure for students.

Best Practices for a balance work-study lifestyle:

Be Organised.

This sounds so basic but it is one of the key important steps to finding the right balance. Start with your study timetable and use a calendar to block out those time slots. You also need to factor in earning some money so speak with your employer and let them know your availabilities and your commitments to study. Most workplaces are very accommodating to students who are studying.

Keep people informed

We live in a technology-based world making it so easy for us to communicate. Let your employer know when major assessments or exams are due. Also, let your friends and family know when you are busy and your commitment and progress to both work and study. The more you communicate the more understanding they will be. This will ease the pressure of peer pressure to force you into something you may just not have time for. This way they know when you are available. Don’t be afraid to talk to your trainer about things going on outside of the classroom. There may be some additional support they can provide you in certain challenging times.

Be realistic

There is no point in lying to yourself as you will just dishearten yourself. For example, let’s say you have an assessment coming up that will take you 10 hours to complete. You decide you want to do it in 5. You may find yourself very frustrated when you are nowhere done within the 5 hours or you have done the assessment poorly and may not pass. If we are realistic we will emotionally feel less stressed and more accomplished by getting it done with less pressure.

Make some you time

Me time, you time; whatever you wish to call it is very important. Make dedicated time to yourself to do something outside of work and study you enjoy. It could be ‘Netflix and Chill’, maybe it’s fitness, maybe it’s a meal with friends. We all need and thrive off doing something for ourselves.

Don’t leave things to the last minute

I bet you knew this one was coming. There is nothing worse than starting an assessment the night before it is due. The stress alone is hard and there is always something that won’t go to plan. It’s better to chip away at the assessment as you progress throughout the days and weeks. A few questions here and there each day make light work of it.

Stay healthy

Work and learning can put pressure on our bodies. So we must look after ourselves. Ensure you are eating your meals, exercising, and getting enough sleep. IF you are a competitive person there is a range of great apps that you can use to promote good health and even be scored on it.

Celebrate your wins

Always keep in mind celebrating a win. Whether it is handing in an assignment on time, passing your assessments, or picking up an extra shift at work. Treat yourself as a reward. Do something you love that is small or put it towards something bigger. No matter if it’s a glass of wine with friends or saving for your next holiday. Treat yourself, you have been working hard