EAP / IELTS Preparation (CRICOS 092103J)

Course Description

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is required for university entry in most English-speaking countries. An IELTS score is also required if students want to immigrate to Australia or other English-speaking countries.

Our EAP/ IELTS course will provide students with the study skills they will need at university or other higher education institution in an English-speaking country.

At Milestones we believe that the best way to achieve a higher score is by developing the skills that students need and help them to understand the best strategies and techniques to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking for the exam.

Learning Ourcomes

  • Research, reference and write essays in an academic style.
  • Give presentations and take part in seminars and tutorials.
  • Adapt to the academic culture in an English-speaking country.
  • Use academic vocabulary and grammar.
  • Listen to lectures and take notes.
  • Understand academic texts.
Studnet looking back

I am here to change my career and become a chef in Australia. The pathway course I’m studying at MEA provides me with a solid background and understanding in essential skills such as being able to understand and communicate in English so that I can take the course at Crown College. MEA has provided a good platform for the beginning of my new career.

Tipaporn Tanakitlestsaku, Thailand
Students at college

Course Information

  • Course Id:CRICOS 092103J
  • Category:English
  • Intakes:Every Monday
  • Duration:1~42 weeks
  • Level:Intermediate to Advanced
  • Provider:     
  •   Milestones English Academy
  •   (CRICOS 03496B)