Graduate Diploma of Management – Learning (BSB80120, 113744J)

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) is an advanced qualification designed for individuals who possess highly specialized expertise and skills in the field of organizational learning and capacity enhancement. Tailored for leaders and executives, this program goes beyond conventional management education, focusing on the intricacies of formulating and assessing complex concepts. Graduates emerge equipped to take the lead in conceiving, devising, and executing substantial learning and development initiatives within an organization. The role of individuals holding this certification is characterized by complete responsibility and liability for their contributions and the endeavors of their colleagues. The diploma is particularly well-suited for professionals in organizations that prioritize learning to fortify overall capability. Potential job positions associated with this diploma include roles like RTO Manager and RTO Director, showcasing its relevance in educational leadership.

Key Skills Areas span a spectrum of essential competencies, including leadership and management, organizational development, critical thinking, problem-solving, quality assurance, continuous improvement, learning and development strategy, and needs analysis and assessment, along with proficiency in learning delivery and facilitation. Graduates of this program are prepared for diverse and high-level roles, including Career Development Manager in the education sector, RTO Manager, RTO Education Advisor, Training and Development Specialist/Manager, Organizational Development Manager, Learning and Development Consultant/Manager, E-learning Manager, Learning Solutions Consultant, Instructional Designer, Education Manager, and Workplace Learning and Development Advisor.

The core subjects delve into crucial aspects, requiring learners to contribute to the development of learning and development strategies, lead strategic transformation, and implement improved learning practices. Additionally, elective units provide an opportunity to deepen skills in critical thinking for complex problem-solving, leading financial strategy development, contributing to organizational performance development, leading and managing organizational change, and developing and implementing business plans. This graduate diploma not only positions individuals as leaders in organizational learning but also empowers them as strategic contributors to overall business success, emphasizing the vital intersection of management and advanced learning strategies in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry requirement for enrolling in Graduate Diploma of Management – Learning (BSB80120, 113744J) at Milestones are:

  • Have completed at least the equivalent of Year 12.
  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • English proficiency levels of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

In addition, all students will be required to undertake a pre-training review including an LLN assessment, in order to assess their existing skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the course for pathway or capability of a business administrator across all business functions.

Key Skill Areas

  • Leadership and Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement
  • Learning and Development Strategy
  • Needs Analysis and Assessment
  • Learning Delivery and Facilitation

Course Information

  • Course Id:BSB80120
  • Category:Graduate Diploma
  • Intakes:Every 6 Weeks
  • Duration:52 weeks
  • Provider:     
  •  Milestones International College
  •  (TOID 45323 / CRICOS 03877M)